Windows Software Recommendations

A page of software for MS Windows that I use or have used and found useful. Most are free (no cost) or free (open source), although some are shareware/freeware and require purchase after a trial period.

Both at home and at work my flavour of Windows is XP, so these recommendations will not necessarily be suited to other versions of Windows.

System Utils


Vendor : AVG
Product : AVG Free Antivirus
Website :
Licence : No cost (for home use)

I’m still using version 7.5, but 8.0 is the latest (I must get around to upgrading). AVG Free has served me well over the last 3 – 4 years.  It updates itself and scans my PC everyday without fuss – although you may want to suspend the system scan if you’re trying to do anything else intensive at the same time (right click the taskbar AVG icon and select “Pause”). AVG no longer support Windows 98.  For occasions where I have been overhauling friends PCs that are running Windows 98 I have used Avast free edition instead (

Disk Defrag

Vendor : Auslogics
Product : Disk Defrag
Website :
Licence : No cost

The standard Windows disk defrag tool is known to be slow and ineffective. I have known it to ru all night and not complete. Disk Defrag from Auslogics is a no-nonsence effective alternative. Quick in operation with a nice graphical representation of your disk so you can visualise progress.

Disk Space/Usage Analysis

Vendor : A SourceForge project
Product : WinDirStat
Website :
Licence : Open Source

Simple and effective. Not particularly fast (I’m not sure any of these tools are) but once analysis is complete the simple graphical display makes it easy to identify and clear out the files and folders that are consuming most disk space.


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